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Exhibition at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens. 31st January – 20th February 2017


The exhibition is getting nearer and we are delighted to announce our Guest Artist – Janet Steer.  She has exhibited widely with Marks and Stitch, most recently at the touring Knit and Stitch Exhibition.

Janet Steer – Guest Artist at our Exhibition at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens 2017






Some more exhibits

Alison Hulme

Alison Hulme – I made this piece this summer when everything was busy in the garden. It is made in layers: first a mono print to make the background, then I screen printed on this with the lace wings. I then embroidered the bits I wanted to show up.

Liz Mullenger

Liz Mullenger: This piece is made in celebration of the brave celandine’s which welcome the spring with their shiny petals and heart shaped leaves. It is a three dimensional embroidery onto a background which has been distressed with flour paste resist!