Sir Harold Hillier Gardens: Textile Art Exhibition 2018 9th – 23rd August

We are delighted to announce the opening of our third  exhibition at this venue.  Already it has been hailed and “the best exhibition at Hilliers EVER”, by several visitors!  The number of people we had on the first day was far too many to count, and we are delighted with the reception we received.

It has to be said that the star exhibit is Alison Hulme’s A Touch of Spring  which sold immediately, but continues to attract people into the exhibition.

Alison Spring

For a full display of some of the exhibits go to : Gallery

We hope you will be able to visit the exhibition and see for yourselves the breath and expertise of the many pieces we have enjoyed creating.

In addition to our exhibition there are other attractions at the gardens – Art in the Garden,  Flower Fairies Trail (where each young child is also given a set of wings to wear –  hugely popular ) and of course the  gardens themselves.


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