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Tuesdays artists

Kay Haskin

Kay is a full time teacher so we are delighted she has been able to continue her association with Zero Nine Textile Artists.  Here is one of her exhibits  which is mixed media fishing nets inspired by a children’s book of aerial photos of the earth seen from above.

Kay H 2

Alison Hulme

Many people already know Alison’s work as she frequently exhibits at textile shows all over the UK.  Her Pinnies have gone all over the world but Alison also extends her unique printing with embroidery to create stunning textile pieces.

Alison 1


Introducing the Zero Nine Artists

Each day we hope to feature two artists and their work:

Today we have work by Caroline Bell and Liz Mullenger

Caroline Bell

Caroline Bell is a textile artist who maintains an ethically and ecologically sound approach to her practice. She works on paper and cloth which she colours and marks with natural substances. These she then works into using often very intensive hand stitching.

Inspiration is often derived from nature and the world around although change, time and the passing of the seasons are also recurrent themes

Caroline was Embroiderers Guild Scholar 2014-5 and her work has been featured in several publications both in the UK and internationally.


Liz Mullenger

My work is very much inspired by our natural world. I often using Ice Dyeing as a technique to create interesting coloured fabric.  I also use Machine embroidery to embellish designs. This year I have used my textile work to express my concerns about the environment and Brexit with *What a load of Rubbish” and “If you can hold your head up high whilst those about you are loosing theirs!”

Thistles and Daisies


Our next exhibition starts next Saturday!