Group Response to a Kandinsky painting.

The Project: ‘Drawing Threads’

Searching for a piece of art to which we could all respond we found Drawing Threads painted in 1931 by Wassily Kandinsky. Although a painting in oil, we felt the design could easily have become a textile piece.

Kandinsky lived from 1866 to 1944, and was Russian by birth though he lived mainly in Germany and later in France. He was a friend of Paul Klee, and they, with others, were searching for a new concept of art. Kandinsky painted and also wrote extensively.

Drawing Threads dates from 1931 and the piece shows Kandinsky’s particular interest in simple shapes, especially circles, and his liking for a limited palette at that time.

TP1020884The embroidered pieces on display here are all on the same background fabric and have been produced either by hand or by free machining techniques all using the same range of colours. Each piece is the work of one of the group: all are for sale at the end of the Exhibition, and each is priced at £45.

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