Our next exhibition starts next Saturday!

December 2018

We are delighted to announce that one of our members, Janet Steer, has her work selected and displayed in Edinburgh!  See

Well done Janet.


Sir Harold Hillier Gardens: Textile Art Exhibition 2018 9th – 23rd August

We are delighted to announce the opening of our third  exhibition at this venue.  Already it has been hailed and “the best exhibition at Hilliers EVER”, by several visitors!  The number of people we had on the first day was far too many to count, and we are delighted with the reception we received.

It has to be said that the star exhibit is Alison Hulme’s A Touch of Spring  which sold immediately, but continues to attract people into the exhibition.

Alison Spring

For a full display of some of the exhibits go to : Gallery

We hope you will be able to visit the exhibition and see for yourselves the breath and expertise of the many pieces we have enjoyed creating.

In addition to our exhibition there are other attractions at the gardens – Art in the Garden,  Flower Fairies Trail (where each young child is also given a set of wings to wear –  hugely popular ) and of course the  gardens themselves.

Looking forward to our Exhibition starting on 9th August.

Don’t miss our third exhibition at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens from 9th – 23rd August.

As usual all nine artists will be exhibiting their works.

Also there will be the group project of Pinbury.  We each made a contribution of a hand made building which assembled, makes the beginnings of a village.  There are an interesting array of beautiful constructions for you all to see.

Village - Louise

One of the cottages

Another group project is an interesting experiment with us each embellishing a retro French napkin.  The results are really surprising.

In addition to our own textile art pieces we each took part in a fun experiment of making a textile piece using the Millennium Border as inspiration.

Herbacious Border

Inspired by the Centenary Border

Textile Art Exhibition 9th – 23rd August

We are on the final stages of preparing for our forthcoming exhibition at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens and Arboretum.  We look forward to seeing all our visitors.  This year we have the village of Pinbury to amuse you all, in addition to our exhibits and smaller items for sale.

Do come and say hello!

Our next Exhibition!

Time flies so fast, but already our next exhibition at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens is almost upon us !


Zero nine exhibition poster for email



January 2018

Each month the Zero Nine group get together and often one of the members runs a workshop. This time we brought in the new year with one run by Alison.  Many of you will have attended her screen painting sessions and will know how much fun we had!  Some members were using natural dyes and others Procion dyes.  We all finished the day with a satisfying collection of exciting fabric.  Thank you Alison for all your preparation and guidance. We all had a great day.

Best wishes for this Christmas and for 2018

At this busy time of year we wish you all a safe and happy Christmas.  We look forward to another year of creativity, especially as we are back at Sir Harold Hilliers Exhibition space in August. We hope to see past visitors and new one!

Petersfield Arts and Crafts Exhibition

Zero Nine members range far and wide over Southern England. One of our members is exhibiting in the popular Petersfield Arts and Crafts Exhibition.

Workshop with Amanda Hislop

Recently we spent a fantastic day with Amanda Hislop who gave us such inspiration with creating Sketchbooks.  In addition to Zero Nine members we were delighted that our “old” tutor, Terrie Hitchcock joined us.  Pictured are some of our experiments!