Degree Show at Eastleigh College

Three of the Zero Nine group. (hence the “three degrees”) have worked so hard to achieve the three years of study for the Foundation Degree. We congratulate, Alison, Jan and Louise on their final piece which are being exhibited at Eastleigh College.  To see more of their exhibit go to Gallery > Degree Show.


The inspiration for Jan’s work comes from her frequent visits to Africa. She takes photographs which provide the design source for many of her stitches pieces such as this one which focuses on the zebra.


Louise explores the shape, texture, colour and sound of the natural world with materials gathered from her local landscape.She became particularly interested in the Dawn Chorus. This piece responds to the emerging light and the sounds using stitch and hand-made paper. The piece was constructed entirely from natural materials.


As an undiagnosed dyslexic, (it was only in 2010 that she was assessed as such) Alison has always performed her varied roles in life behind her pinny. It was her armour against the world. Her exhibit portrays the security of “the pinny” – it gives her anonymity and also a prop as she plays her part.

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